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Why JDA?

For more than two decades, JDA Leaders have provided AEC Consulting Services for owners throughout the United States.

Among our clients most valued service-attributes are:

    - securing budget

    - sharing knowledge through empowerment

    - facilitating full team integration

    - quality assurance via substantiation

Stacks of Coins

Budget Security

Since JDA's Process is "performance-based" rather than "prescriptive-based", adherence to the Owner's budget leads all facets of design and construction. That is to say: while meeting all "performance metrics", design must evolve to satisfy budget constraints rather than the budget changing to accommodate design-gone-astray.

JDA's 3PQ Process establishes a "Fixed-Price : Variable-Scope" strategy for project acquisition.

Construction Worker

Facilitating Full Team Integration

Combining education leadership with interactive "cross-contract" procurement development, JDA assures team member integration and communication during all phases of the project.

The result is clear, achievable, established project goals and contractual metrics that force accountability by all involved.


Shared Knowledge-Empowering All

As Maya Angelou said: "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better", and sharing knowledge is how JDA begins every relationship.

As not only service professionals, but educators as well; JDA guides industry-leading team workshops as an integral component of every project.

Construction Management

Substantiating Success

JDA's unique and proven 3PQ Process demands that the "project outcome" (controlled by the design-builder) is the "subject" of contractual compliance.

Substantiation is an interactive process used, at all phases of implementation, to establish the design-builder's "burden of proof" that the project meets all contact performance metrics.

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